Cuban Chicken & Black Beans

This is one of my favourite dinner recipes. It is so easy to make and so low calorie. There are about 250 calories in a 7 oz serving. In terms of organizing for this dish, I would recommend starting a day or two in advance. Read the recipe and all steps through completely before starting. You will need to leave the chicken marinating overnight. To make the the pulled chicken, I like to broil on low so that the chicken doesn’t cook too quickly and end up being dry. You can also skip trimming off the fat and the skin until after you have broiled the chicken as this would be easier. However, if you want to use the water in which the chicken was broiled as stock then it would be healthier to trim before.


30 oz chicken breast

3 cups black beans boiled

1.5 cups tomatoes diced

1 cup of onions finely chopped

0.5 cup green onions chopped (entire stalk)

5 tbs tomato paste

3 tbs sugar

2 tsp salt

2 tbs cumin

1 tbs coriander

1/2 cup cilantro

1 tbs red pepper flakes (optional)

1 tbs oil

Marinade Ingredients

3 tsp salt

1 tbs cumin

1 tbs coriander

1/2 tbs paprika

5 grains Jamaican all-spice (pimento)

4 cloves garlic

1 bay leaf

1/2 cup celery


Wash the chicken with a vinegar-water solution. Trim away all fat and remove the skin. Cut each breast portion into two pieces. I typically use breast meat since I’m trying for a lean dish, however, using dark meat such as leg and thigh pieces would provide more flavour. If you want this to be lean, however, not to worry, the other ingredients provide plenty of flavour.

Combine all the ingredients of the marinade and rub generously over the chicken. Marinate overnight for best results.

To prepare the pulled chicken place the breast pieces by broiling chicken in water seasoned with a few grains of Jamaican allspice (pimento), celery, garlic and the bay leaf. Boil on low-medium for two hours until chicken is soft. Remove the chicken from the liquid and place in a bowl. Using two forks (or your fingers) pull shred the chicken by pulling the pieces apart. Strain off the liquid and store to use for other recipes as stock.

In a saucepan, heat a tablespoon of oil. Add onions and stir fry until they become translucent and begin to get soft. Add the green onions and stir. Later add the tomatoes stir frying until they become soft and reduce their juices. Add the black beans and the chicken. Stir to mic thoroughly. Add the tomato paste and stir thoroughly. Add in the salt, cumin, and coriander and mix well. Add the sugar and red pepper flakes mixing well. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes until the beans and chicken have softened.

As the final step, add the cilantro just before serving. Serve with a cup of yellow rice.